• Planning a new development, repositioning an ageing or underperforming asset and futureproofing a high performing existing property are all frequently encountered commercial real estate investment and asset management scenarios.
  • Along with traditional investment strategies and due diligence, investors and developers are increasingly incorporating a broad range of tools and techniques into their assessments of these situations – particularly in the fields of workplace design, flex strategy, tenant engagement and sustainability.
  • However, adoption to date has generally been siloed and uncoordinated, meaning that investors and developers have been unable to accrue the full benefits of pursuing a more cohesive and comprehensive approach.
  • This Special Report by CBRE Research presents the case for adopting a holistic approach to integrating these tools and techniques into real estate investing and asset management, providing investors and developers with a roadmap to achieving their goals and ensuring they are covered at all stages of the investment lifecycle.
  • The report also identifies the appropriate combinations of tools and approaches – and profiles the leading-edge solutions in their respective fields - to be deployed in specific scenarios.

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